Trying New Foods With Confidence MP3

Our Trying New Foods With Confidence MP3 is for primary ages children. It is a story based relaxation that is an effective and hugely beneficial way to help build up confidence around trying new foods by reducing the anxiety that surrounds meals.

This is story based MP3 is ideal for primary aged children who have limited range of foods they eat and are struggling with trying the new tastes and textures of foods. Our trying new foods with confidence MP3 download focuses on building your child's confidence by helping them easily try new foods with confidence. Enjoying seeing the new foods on offer, enjoying trying the tastes and textures of the new foods. And most importantly knowing that if they like them thats ok and if they don't then thats ok too. They can try them again another time. The MP3 also helps by aiding a good nights sleep, and builds up your child's confidence.

It makes sense to nip food anxiety in the bud before it builds up into a bigger issue. Our trying new foods with confidence MP3 download prevents your child from dwelling or any negative experiences and focuses on their strengths.

Every child deserves the oportunity to thrive and achieve their best, our MP3's allow your child to focus on achieving their goals.

Here at Positively Blooming Kids we use a combination of relaxation and visualisation to help combat those worries, allowing your child to achieve their potential without allowing stress and anxiety to hold them back.

Help your child achieve their potential during their primary years and nip those worries in the bud no matter how long they have been there.

All our MP3's are professionally written by Sarah an experience children & teens hypnotherapist and early years practitioner.

Your Instructor

Sarah Brent
Sarah Brent

Positively Blooming Kids was founded by me Sarah, I'm just a mum like you who has tried her hardest to get things right, remembered the trip money in the morning, had to manage being in two places at once, go to work, keep a happy home, solve all the issues that arise in the family and hang on to her identity, all whilst worrying that she might have gone out with her skirt still tucked in her knickers!

Sound familiar?

Well maybe its just me who worries about the skirt thing....I guess what I'm trying to say is that its not always easy being a mum and when we worry about something our child is going through that worry can very quickly get bigger. Especially when there is emotion involved and yes there can be bucket loads of emotion when it involves our off springs.

Sometimes things go beyond our control and we feel quite powerless to make it better and that's our primary role isn't it? And when you can't kiss this one better, just like you did when your child had a little graze on their knee, you feel like a failure and on top of all that the darn problem is still there. And your beautiful baby, yes baby even if he/she does tower over you now, they still need a little bit of help.

Now you feel guilty, powerless to help, you've tried just about everything and still this 'thing' is still there....well now you can STOP...take a big long slow deep breath and RELAX because the Positively Blooming Kids MP3 downloads are effective, easy to use, fun to listen to...and can be used over and over again or just when its needed.

After searching high and low for a solution, congratulations you just found it. After years and years of working as hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and in a primary school. I have combined my knowledge and come up with a series of MP3 downloads to take the edge of everyday issues our children face, like school anxiety, fussy eating, bed wetting, exam nerves, nail biting and building self esteem & confidence.

Along with this a series of 1-2-1 sessions to touch on subjects that have aren't yet covered on our MP3s. These sessions are now delivered by me and my colleagues in Essex, London and Lincolnshire so no matter what your child’s worries are together we can resolve them.

So lets put those worries aside and build a confident child...

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