The Positively Blooming Birth MP3 Collection

Professionally Written Hypnotherapy MP3's for Pregnancy & Birth

Relax, unwind and prepare for a calmer, more comfortable birth with our Positively Blooming Birth MP3 collection.

Our professionally written hypnotherapy MP3's will take you from 20 weeks of pregnancy through to birth and beyond, we even have one for your birth partner.

Reframe your mind whilst you sleep, build up positive images of birth and strengthen your emotional resilience.

The Collection Includes:

  1. Pure Relaxation A Massage for the Mind (can be use at any stage in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey).
  2. Daily Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth (comes with a how to use and make your own affirmation guide).
  3. Pregnancy Relaxation & Birth Preparation (to be used weekly from 20 weeks and daily from 32 weeks for maximum benefit)
  4. Labour & Birth Companion (to be use once labour has started always tell your birth partner or midwife labour has begun before you listen).
  5. Birth Partners Relaxation (Because birth partners need to prepare for birth too and parenting).

BONUS - The Breathing for Birth Audio Collection and PDF guide.

This MP3 collection iIncludes video' PDF's and audios to help you get the best out of your hypnotherapy for birth MP3's

All our Mp3's have been professionally written and recorded and in use since 2008, making them a reliable part of your birth preparation.

Your Instructor

Sarah Brent
Sarah Brent

Since 2008 Sarah has helped expectant Mums like you to have a calm, confident and courageous birth experience regardless of the way baby’s birth has panned out. Together you'll, banish your fears around childbirth and build up your birth knowledge, your confidence and your emotional strength to be the strong, powerful and capable women you are.

Sarah is a professional therapist trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, along with this she holds a certification as an antenatal educator and has an academic background in Early Childhood Development.

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